Thoughts on NYO Internship

This is my after thoughts on the New York Office Internship, now that its complete. I would like to thank Adarsh( & Vikraman( for all the guidance and support during the internship.

I have learned a lot during the summers which include scala, working on a big project, git workflow and more.

Firstly, this was the first time I worked on such a huge project, that too with most of the code not written by me. This was an enlightening experience and it gave me an idea on how to really work on huge projects.

This was the first time I actually worked on server side stuff. My experience with working on the project helped me understand server-client concepts clearly and really helped me grow as a Software Engineer. This has allowed me to work on more server-side stuff (node.js and golang) along the way.

Working with git and using all the features such as rebase and cherry-picking really improved my mastery of git. Prior to this I probably used git only as a Google Drive for code. After my internship, I have learned to use git properly and it has helped me in future open source contributions.

This internship also introduced me to the concept of Dockerization and Infrastructure considerations while working on a huge project. Since then, I’ve dockerised nearly every personal project I have worked on and really mastered nginx for deploying webapps and backends.

Finally, I managed to learn Angular 2 as well and now I am a proficient Full Stack Web Developer. This internship was probably the best decision I could have taken for my summers and what I have learned is so immense, that I can’t even compare it to the knowledge I had before.