Day 1: When I made my blog

Well, I was told that I have to document my Internship at IIT Kanpur’s New York Office via a blog so I chose to make my own blog manager based on a very simple idea. Currently, there is a file in a folder and a script iterates through all of my updates and displays them here.

(Update: Now I have shifted to jekyll a full markdown based blog with other features) (Updated Update: Now I am using hugo!)

My custom blog reader now converts them to suitable html and displays them. It currently just converts 2 trailing spaces into <br>.In the future, I intend for it to parse markdown( Guess I was too impatient :P )

As for the documentation, I had already begun trying to learn scala as soon as I was informed of my project. I had just gone through basic scala syntax and differences from java from the book Programming Scala, O'Reilly when I met Adarsh(@adarshaj) today. After the meeting I took up Martin Odersky’s course on Coursera. After completing week one and learning about functional programming (something very new to me), I wrote my blog parser. Functional Programming is powerful and it reminds me of the time when I used to solve, relatively difficult problems in C, in Python using a single line of function calls except now I just have to define the functions too.