Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400

16 March 2018 4 minutes read

The Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 is an ARM-based server processor developed by Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc. We had Dr. Niket Choudhary give a talk on the design on the processor and some of the decisions taken while developing it on 16th... read more »

Automatic Firewall Authentication (Linux)

20 December 2017 2 minutes read

This post will detail how one could set up their linux systems to automatically perform firewall auth as soon as they connect to a particular network. For this post, I will concentrate on connecting to iitk wifi network. This... read more »

Day 8: Movie Microservice

10 May 2016 1 minute read

Today I finally had enough confidence with akka-http to try and understand the akka-http-microservice example. I understood each and every line and why it was like it was and with that knowledge, I got working on a movie... read more »

Day 5 and 6: Akka

08 May 2016 1 minute read

The past two days, I have spent wrapping my head about the akka library. Even the example starting assignments are a little involved and require lightbend activator. I failed miserably at my attempts at installing lightbend and now have... read more »

Day 4: Twitter and Scala

06 May 2016 1 minute read

Today I gave up on the sentence anagram assignment… I managed all the functions except the last one which actually solves the sentence anagrams. I got the algorithm but the List[List[List[String]]] were getting out of hand, and I was... read more »

Day 3: Huffman Est Cool

05 May 2016 1 minute read

Today I nearly finished the course and decided to try the assignments. Major part of my day was spent trying out the assignments. The Huffman encoding and decoding assignment was good and by the end of the day I nearly... read more »

Day 2: Scala and Math

04 May 2016 1 minute read

So today I went on with Martin Odersky’s course and just completed week 5. The functional equivalent of operator overloading is awesome and I believe it allows more verbose and consistent definition of classes which will behave as expected if... read more »

Day 1: When I made my blog

03 May 2016 1 minute read

Well, I was told that I have to document my Internship via a blog so I chose to make my own blog manager based on a very simple idea. Currently, there is a my.blog file in a folder and a... read more »