Yash Srivastav

CSE Junior Undergraduate, IIT Kanpur

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About Me
Hello World!!

    Hey there, I am Yash. I am not a geek who is interested in anything related to computers or science fiction.

    After years of slogging and hardwork, I finally managed to gain admission to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur as an Undergratuate in the Computer Science and Engineering Department.

    I tend to waste my time reading books, watching movies, playing games, hanging out with friends and enjoying life in general.

    My resume can be found here

Contact Me
If you need to

  Address:  B-311, Hall 12, IIT Kanpur, India
  Phone:  Confidential  -  but my friends have it
  Mail:  admin@yashsriv.org  or  Gmail
  Webpage:  You are at it, but still : https://yashsriv.org
  Github:  yashsriv
  Facebook:  yash98
  Google Plus:  +YashSrivastav98
  Twitter:  @therealyashsriv
  LinkedIn:  yashsriv